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Anxiety Disorder: An Overview

Anxiety is scary, unpredictable, and paralyzing. You can't shake the sense of impending doom; you begin losing control. You drop your old routine, avoiding situations that make you feel uncomfortable, and destroying what little comfort familiarity could have provided you.

Then, as panic attacks come, things get really bad...

Unless you stop them, and you can if you act quickly and decisively. I can help guide you along the road to recovery. Call me.

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Anxiety Information

This web site arms you with the information you need to work on tackling anxiety now. To help you better understand what you're up against, I've provided concise, useful information about the following:

  1. anxiety symptoms
  2. types of anxiety
  3. common causes of anxiety
  4. things you can do at home to work on overcoming anxiety
  5. an overview of my personal approach to anxiety treatment, so you can get a feel for whether I'm the right therapist for your personal needs.