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Loneliness & Depression: A Rock and a Hard Place

Loneliness & Depression: A Rock and a Hard Place

Loneliness is painful, isolating, and consuming. It also puts your health at risk. It and Depression also amplify one another.

Take the following baby steps to beat loneliness and start feeling connected again...

Happiness Is Within Your Reach

Do you know someone who is happy? Do you know why? Whether you believe someone to be happy because of wealth, a great relationship, a fulfilling career, or more so, in spite of difficulties with the above, understanding and learning how one is happy, while another in similar circumstances is not, is worth exploring. 50% […]

Overcoming Depression Shame

Depression is dark and heavy. It produces shame that you may want to hide from people in your life. You fear revealing your depression to someone close to you will result in abandonment. Nagging senses of failure motivate you to shut everyone out and pretend everything’s just fine. You know the drill: that fake smile […]