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Depression Treatment

Combining therapy with medication (when needed) is the most effective way to treat depression. Some think medications suffice in alleviating depression, but medication alone isn’t enough, because it doesn’t change your behavioral patterns.

Small, manageable steps provide a sense of progress that expose light at the end of the tunnel. Even small accomplishments help restore hope and motivation, helping you overcome depression.

Cognitive Therapy


Cognitive therapy is a method that challenges existing self-defeating thought patterns and teaches one to choose different thoughts that are more positive. Positive thoughts lead to more productive behavior, which improves mood and endows a sense of empowerment over negative thoughts and feelings, thus improving one’s perception of life.

Behavior Therapy


Behavior therapy impacts thoughts and feelings. Engaging in positive behaviors helps you feel less depressed and happier. Following a behavioral plan, including exercise, reaching out, and other means of overcoming depression helps you beat the blues.

Insight Therapy


Insight therapy is about learning how past events in family of origin, relationships, and other experiences shaped and influenced feelings, thoughts, behaviors and perceptions of life. It’s ‘connecting the dots’ of your life story.

Psychotropic Medication


Compromised functionality levels and thoughts about self-harm necessitate psychiatric intervention. Psychiatrists evaluate depressive symptoms and prescribe anti-depression medications. It’s important to check in with your psychiatrist to make sure the medication works properly.

Medication helps take the edge off of the depression. You may still feel hurt, but your functioning level will improve.

Medication works best in conjunction with therapy. They may help for a while alone, but not for long, and are usually not a permanent solution, because internal shifts in thinking, feeling, and behavioral patterns (e.g. coping skills) need to occur to overcome depression.

Alternative Medicine


Some find acupuncture and certain Chinese herbs helpful in treating depression. As with Western medication, alternative medicine should be supplemented with some form of talk therapy.