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Free Anxiety & Depression Support Group in Orange County

Feeling anxious, depressed, or hopeless?

You are not alone! Lots of people feel the same way. Regardless of the particular mix of anxiety or depression symptoms you experience, there are others in a similar position, waiting to support and be supported by you.

Anxiety & Depression Group Time & Location

The new time and location are still being determined. Click here to email me at yaffa@therapyinorangecounty.com for more details.

Depression & Anxiety Group Topics

  • overcoming anxiety
  • overcoming depression
  • the power of a support system
  • healing benefits of laughter and play
  • meditation
  • guided imagery
  • creating and pursuing a vision of recovery

Depression & Anxiety Group Benefits

  • Be Heard

    Share your troubles. Others listen non-judgementally as you share your thoughts and feelings.

  • Find Inspiration

    Hearing other people's stories about their path to overcoming depression, and anxiety is inspiring. It will give you an idea of what worked and what didn't work so you can better decide what to do next and feel hopeful about that decision's outcome.

  • Get and Feel in Control

    Reclaim your life. Positive feedback from others will help you act with renewed confidence and feel empowered.

  • Connect with People Like You

    Feel less like it’s just you against the universe. Support and be supported by others. Develop a sense of community and togetherness in a struggle. The weight of the world is lighter on your shoulders with others helping bear the burden.

  • Make the World a Better Place

    Make a difference in someone else’s life by listening to and supporting them. Pay it forward by helping the group the way the group helped you. The mutual reassurance, support, and sense of community empower you all.

Spread the Word

The more people in the group, the more everyone benefits. If you know anyone who could use or share a shoulder, bring them aboard. You can easily let them know via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.